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I'm considering leaving my husband Toby says Sylvia a 33 - year- old college student and mother of two boys aged 11and nine. "Being my own person is very important to me and Toby is making that impossible" At school Sylvia says her s treated with respect but at home her husband patronizes her and takes her for granted. She reveals. "Toby scorns my decision to go back to school for a degree in social work. He doesn't understand that I need a change" Says Toby 36 "Sylvia doesn't appreciate everything she has - a beautiful home wonderful children and a husband who loves her It's newer enough for her I'm almost tempted to let see what she all be missing" FRANKLY MYDIYA SHE WOS HESITANT ABOUT JOING THE CONTEST BUT NOW THAT SHE IS FEMINA MISS INDIA - ASIA PACIFIC DIYA MIRZA IS DETERMINED TO BRING THE ASIA PACIFIC CROWN TO INDIA FOR THE FIRST TIME SAYS BENITASEN HER eyes catch your attention. The eyes she s inherited from her mother. And them you move on to her complexion and the colour of her hair. Both a legacy of her German father whom she lost when she was nine. There's something fey about the 165 cm girl who felt a little " camouflaged" among the bevy of tall beauties at the famine Miss India 2000 But hat Frailty She insists is not what she nearly about. I have gone through so much in 18 years she says quietly. Life has blessed her with resilience and endurance she believes. Mamma, her role model ever has been her best friend through it all guiding her to value ethics and truth more than superficial beauty. The premature Hyderabad baby grew up among the sandpaper and paint of her interior designer father s workshop Watched at six as her parents separated. But soon she had a new father who helped her settle in her new and very different home he s a fantastic person, she says with obvious gratitude. NO FAIRY TALES For the child Diya there no fairy tales even in make - believe since her mother did not want her to inherit a value system which used words like pretty wicked and step mother So she grow up on a diet of nonfiction nursing the ambition to be a lawyer who fought for children. After her first board exams a bored Diva took up a summer job with a computer firm When school began again she was offered a freelance marketing job with the firm an experience that she says helped her tremendously soon after she bagged modeling assignments like emami naturally Fair
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